ASD / Asperger syndrome are neurodevelopmental disorders (or differences) characterized by challenges when it comes to communication and social interaction. It might also involve repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities and a need to follow strict routines. A sensitivity for sounds, lights, fragrances and touching is another common thing among people within the Autism spectrum. However, to what extent the characteristic aspects are present is very individual and vary a lot from one person to another.

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The ability to focus on one thing, a strong attention span och specific niche interests are often described as positive characteristics that many people with Autism och Asperger syndrome possess. With the right support those are strengths that can become positive abilities in for example a workplace.

Autism and Asperger syndrome are both part of the designation NDD (Neurodevelopmental Disorders).

Asperger used to be described as a lighter version of autism, but they are now both included in the Autism Spectrum Disorder spectrum.


Here we share some interviews, stories and other interesting stuff for families with special experiences.

23 November, 2023

Elevate your company's holiday gift this year – infuse it with the transformative power to make a lasting impact!

Our Normal Association, a non-profit committed to genuine inclusion for children and young people with disabilities, invites your company to…

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20 March, 2022

Families share their views on their experiences with the Swedish health care system

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17 July, 2019

“Sigge shows us something new everyday that he has learnt in school.”

In this article, Ida tells us about her son Sigge’s year in preschool class. It was a long process to…

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