Tourette syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disability that is manifested by repeated reflexive movements and sounds called tics. Symptoms often appear around the age of seven, but may occur earlier or later. Tourette syndrome is often combined with other neuropsychiatric disabilities.

Tourette syndrome is usually noticed first by facial tics (such as excessive flashes, twitches and grimaces). Later on the tics often move down to the throat, shoulders and upper body. Other early symptoms usually include tingling in one arm or leg. Often, as one symptom decreases another symptom increase or appear and the intensity of the different symptoms vary a lot over time.

Vocal tics, which is what many associates with Tourettes, often appear later on. Some, but far from everyone with Tourette syndrome, develop Coprolalia – which is involuntary outbreaks of obscene words or socially inappropriate comments.

Just like everyone, people with Tourette syndrome are completely different individuals with their own interests and personalities. Many people with Tourettes are described as creative people with a lot of energy, and they manage well to live independently when they grow older. However, it is of great importance that the society in general and the people around the person show understanding and awareness of the challenges that may arise in order to avoid misunderstandings and incorrect interpretations of the person’s behaviour.

Tourette syndrome is usually included in what is shortened as NDD (Neurodevelopmental Disorders).


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