23 November, 2023

Our Normal Association, a non-profit committed to genuine inclusion for children and young people with disabilities, invites your company to champion a more equitable world. With a focus on inclusive design, we provide knowledge and support to drive tangible change.

Sponsor Our Normal’s work to address crucial needs, support families through our digital platform, and educate on the value of inclusive design. Encourage your company to contribute any amount to support our cause through:

  • Bankgiro 253-9146 (SEB),
  • Swish 123 212 16 71,
  • or by invoice.

Recommended amounts include 1000 SEK, 2 000 SEK, 5 000 SEK, 10 000 SEK, 20 000 SEK, 30 000 SEK, 50 000 SEK, etc.

Embrace the spirit of giving and empower a more inclusive future!Generous contributors of Christmas gifts will receive tailor-made communication materials for use in social media or newsletters.

We offer flexibility in customizing the gift certificate format to align with your company’s unique needs. Simply drop us an email at info@ournormal.org with the subject “Christmas Gift,” and we’ll promptly respond to assist you.

Rest assured, every donation contributes entirely to advancing and expanding our efforts for a genuinely inclusive society – not just on paper. Your support enables us to reach more individuals, fostering education and influence.

Join us in making a meaningful impact and Merry Christmas!

Become a part of a supportive family network!

Creating an account is quick and easy, and completely free of charge. Your profile page can only be viewed by other members. Become a part of the community in order to connect with other families, or to be there as a support for others!

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