20 March, 2022

Families within the Our Normal network have shared their views on how they are being met by the Swedish health care system today. Too many different contacts and too little cooperation between different parts of the health care organizations are common problems, and the families want to see a system where it is not up to them to handle all the coordination and communication between all those contacts.

During 2021 families of the Our Normal network participated in interviews – as a part of a research work connected to the change towards more “Nära vård” (“Effective health care”) in Sweden. The results of those interviews were presented in the report “värde för vem?” (in Swedish) by ExperioLabs.

One thing that was presented in the report was the example of one family’s contact map.

To visualize a contact map can be a good way for the family to make others understand how many different contacts there might be, and ask for help to coordinate and communicate with those contacts. 

kontaktkarta som en mindmap
Example of a contact map from one family within the Our Normal network

This topic was recently followed up in an interview podcast where the founder of Our Normal, Jenny Lindström Beijar, was interviewed around this topic. You can find a link to the interview here (in Swedish).

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