15 February, 2017

Handiscover is the first community-based booking site for accessible holiday accommodations. Sebastien, the founder of Handiscover, shares some thoughts about what he and his family find important when they are planning a trip.

What is Handiscover?

Handiscover is the first community-based booking site for accessible holiday accommodations. Through a classification system we can help users to find and book accommodations that really suit their needs – based on how mobile they are.

Which is the best trip you have done together as a family?

South Africa was definitely our favorite trip – it was just such a great mix of adventure, culture, good food and of course – the nice climate. Like our son Teo said when we landed; “It’s nice and warm here. I feel good.”

What was so good about that journey?

South Africa has a modern infrastructure so apart from experiencing safari and wild life, you can feel safe when traveling with children. There are good doctors and hospitals in case of an emergency. We love Cape Town with the mix of Africa, India and Europe. The mix of a really big city with cool places and the beach where you can go swimming and play around in the waves. Our children loved the waves … even if there are sharks out there!

Sebastien - Handiscover
Sebastien – Handiscover

What sort of advice do you like to get from others when you plan a journey?

At Handiscover we try to write travel guides about several destinations, but you always wish there were more personal information at hand as well. Especially advice adapted to our needs, like for example nice places and restaurants to visit and activities that work well for us who travel with a child in a wheelchair. To receive advice from other families with similar experiences would be very useful!

Where is your next dream destination to visit?

We have a dream about cruising along the US West Coast – from Oregon to Baja California in a van. It is our son’s greatest wish – to travel and live together in a van!

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