20 April, 2017

We got the opportunity to ask some questions to the founder of DayCape – an app which makes it easier for children to plan their days through visual schedules.

Anton - Founder of the app DayCape
Anton – Founder of the app DayCape

What is DayCape?

DayCape is an app which helps children, particularly with autism, to feel prepared for their activities both at home and at school. To feel prepared for the changes between different activities is very important – so what DayCape does is to visually show those activities in an easy way. It puts focus on what happens now and what will happen next.

In the app there is a timer which makes it easy to see how long an activity lasts, even for children who experience the concept of time as something difficult to grasp. You can also add reminders to your day schedule which help the children to both become and feel more independent.

Many children might also have difficulties in expressing what they like and what they don’t like. This is why we also have built in a mood check in the app. With the mood check they can easily express their feelings by using smileys for every activity during the day.

In what way does DayCape make a different during the day?

Children with autism might be very sensitive to unexpected activities during a day. With a visual schedule the children get the chance to be more prepared, which also make them feel more secure and calmer throughout the day. It gives them a better chance to handle school and new activities on their own.

The children who have used the app have expressed that they feel less stressed, are happier and manage to do more activities on their own – both at school and at home. They find it positive that their mum or dad does not have to ask them to eat their breakfast or brush their teeth all the time. Teachers in schools have also been very positive and they express how their students, thanks to the app, have become more focused during their lessons.

Parents also like to see the smileys-symbols since those make it easier for them to understand how the day have been for their child.


En bild på appen DayCape och en bild på ett barn som använder appen på en iPad i skolan
The app DayCape on iPad

Is the app used in schools or at home?

The app is used a lot both at home and in schools. Ideally it is used at both places. Teachers and parents can invite each other and plan a day in the same schedule. That way parents can be involved in the child’s school day as well. And for the children it is always best if they can see the full day – no matter if the activities happen in school or at home.

How did you come up with the idea?

As a child I got diagnosed within the autism spectrum myself, a diagnosis which later was canceled, but it left me with a unique insight of the daily matters and problems children with autism are fighting with. Insights which also made me start the work with DayCape.

We read that you at DayCape love superheroes. Where about does this passion come from?

DayCape is a combination of two words for a reason. Cape is for the cape that many superheroes wear. This, since we believe autism to be a super power. With the right support every child can find their super powers. And Day because we believe this to be essential. Children are so good at living right here right now.  We wanted to capture that in our name. So with DayCape we simply want to say that we wish to help every child to have a super day.

You can read more about DayCape on their website.

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